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A Saudi company established to find creative solutions based on harnessing programming techniques and artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions with high security for our clients

CIS comes with a full suit of experts to help you achieve your goals

Present your awesome product

Expert team of DevOps at your request to help you get your ideas materialized and coded for you


Help you build your applications from scratch


Integrate with other applications


Build your custom system and workflow with us

Our Values

In a world driven by technology, finding a reliable partner is crucial. At CIS, we believe in fostering a strong foundation for success, guided by core values that define who we are and how we approach everything we do




Customer Satisfaction


Approved Nphies Vendor

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Empowering Patient Care

Our groundbreaking EHR system streamlines medical data, enabling better diagnoses, treatment plans, and patient engagement

Holistic Patient View

Get a unified picture of your patient's health journey. Our EHR integrates clinical data, medications, lab results, and imaging into a single, accessible platform.

Clinical Decision Support

Empower your physicians with real-time data and evidence-based guidance. Our EHR offers alerts, reminders, and clinical pathways to optimize care delivery.

Simplifying Complexity

We cut through financial jargon and medical bureaucracy, making complex processes clear and transparent.

Data for Good

We leverage data analytics to unlock insights that improve healthcare efficiency, personalize financial services, and drive positive change.

Innovation Unbound

We embrace constant learning and evolution, pioneering new technologies and solutions to shape the future of healthcare and finance.

Enhanced Communication

Foster seamless communication between patients, providers and payers. Our EHR facilitates secure messagin and appointment scheduling.

24/7 Support

Experienced High availability customer support.


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